Pesseract is purpose-build software tool for disclosure management and financial report creation. Pesseract is a platform and a framework of XBRL-based intelligent digital financial reporting products which collect information about financial report creation projects and allow this information to be coordinated across all other representations of the project, so that every statement, policy, and disclosure is based on internally consistent and complete information from the same underling financial information database. The result is zero defect financial reports created using efficient and effective processes.


The future of financial reporting is XBRL-based structured digital financial reporting. Pesseract is a platform and framework for building digital financial reporting tools. Pesseract is the world's first expert system for creating financial reports. Pesseract augments the skills of a professional accountant much like a calculator helps professional accountants do math.

If your are currious about the techniques we used to build this, please read Putting the Expertise into an XBRL-based Knowledge Based System for Creating Financial Reports. Or, download the application. Or, have a look at the videos on our channel.

If I had a tool for creating zero defect (Sigma Level 6 quality) US GAAP and/or IFRS general purpose financial reports leveraging intelligent XBRL-based structured information and I could create those reports faster than you can create financial reports today, incurring less costs than you incur today, and with a higher quality level than the financial reports that you create today; then would you buy that tool? Pesseract will be that tool!

Application screenshot